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PANORAMIQUE is a set of prints by artist and designer Karen Jo Combs, with imagery from her Pop Flowers Ancient Animals screen printed series. This set is produced especially for panoramique art wallpaper type of wall installations. Various configurations are possible. Installation instructions available.


photo by Gina Weathersby

PANORAMIQUE is a set of 8 prints, with imagery from the Pop Flowers Ancient Animals print series, but made especially for panoramique art wall installations.

PANORAMIQUE prints are all created with the same celadon gray background paint color and ink mixes. Suitable for framing or as a wallpaper or panoramique installation. [installation Instructions available!]. Various arrangements and configurations of the 8 panels are possible. 8 panels = 50+ sq. ft. . Individual prints are 26” x 39”. Hand painted backgrounds and screen printed imagery on Arches archival paper. PANORAMIQUE is printed in collaboration with Serio Press Fine Art Editions, Los Angeles.